Benefits of Carpooling

The best financial decision one can make is living close to where you work. Of Course, it is not always an option, and a good alternative is carpooling. Carpooling is a good option for those traveling to the same location or buildings. The benefits to carpooling include not only saving on gas, but you’ll also put fewer miles on your car, limit wear and tear—maybe even get a break on insurance costs and finally a stress-free commute.


Gas Savings

By taking one vehicle you eliminate you and your passengers’ gas usage. Even with gas prices going down, we cannot expect it to stay that way. The more people that carpool, the more resources we save as well as the use cost of those resources per person.


Wear and Tear

Commuting to work can put extra wear and tear on your car that many of us overlook in the grand scheme of things, as just a requirement to get around. However, the cost of that wear and tear adds up quickly and can be saved instead if you carpool. Putting extra miles on your car not only affects the running condition of the car but it also affects the value of your car over time. You have to pay for oil changes more often and the maintenance schedule on your vehicle is accelerated when driving more miles so standard maintenance will be required more rapidly.


Lower Insurance Rates

The more you drive the more expensive your car insurance is going to be. When it comes to commuting, insurance companies are only concerned with mileage, not minutes and hours. Twenty miles or more. Highest surcharge, up to $10 a month extra. The 20-mile mark is the cutoff. Premium increases almost always stop here. A 45-mile commute should cost as much as a 21-mile commute, insurance-wise. Transparency is key. If the length of your commute has recently changed — new job, new office, new living situation, carpool, etc — fill out the form your insurance company sends periodically regarding alterations to your driving habits. If your commute has gotten shorter, it’s very possible that your premiums will decline.


Stress-free Commute

Not only do you put wear and tear on your vehicle, commuting can be very stressful and puts wear and tear on a person mentally and physically, especially in high traffic locales. Carpooling allows the occupants (aside from the driver) to relax, accomplish extra work, do hobbies, socialize and get to work without the stress and worry of commuting.

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