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FedVan - (702) 483-7433
Thank you for Registering! It can take up to 30 business days for the 799 ABS Vanpool Office and the DOT to process your application once your Coordinator has dropped it off. The DOT will mail your Transerve Debit Card to the Vanpool Office. You'll receive an email when your card is available for you to pick up and sign for it. After activating the card, please log back in and register your card below in the MAKE A PAYMENT WITH YOUR TRANSERVE DEBIT CARD section. Thanks!
  1. Registration
  2. Personal Commuting Cost Calculator
  3. DOT Application & FedVan Agreement (You are authorized to start riding once this step is complete)
  4. Coordinator Certifies DOT Application and drops it off at the 799 ABS Vanpool Office
  5. Pickup your Card, call to activate it and then make a payment on this site and you’re all done.

DOT Application, RTC Agreement & FedVan Agreement

Where to pick up your card and how to activate it

BLDG 52 - Vanpool Office - 702-404-3775 - Hours: M/W/F 0800-1500 T/TH 0800-1600
BLDG 52 - Vanpool Office - 702-404-3775 - Hours: M/W/F 0800-1500 T/TH 0800-1600

Make a Payment with Your Transerve Debit Card


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Cost Calculator

Select your personal vehicle’s gas mileage. *

Example MPG

Source: NY Times


Vehicle MPG
Dodge Ram 1500 11
Ford Expedition 12
Jeep Wrangler 14
Ford F-150 14
Toyota Sequoia 15
GMC Envoy 15
BMW X5 17
Ford Escape 18
Mercedes-Benz S-Class 18
Lexus LS430 19
Honda Odyssey 19
Volvo V50 20
Audi S4 20
Cadillac CTS 20
Pontiac Grand Prix 20
Mazda6 I 20
Honda CR-V 21
Subaru Outback 21n
Chrysler Sebring 21
Porsche Boxster 22
PT Cruiser 22
Ford Taurus 22
Nissan Altima 23
Honda Accord 24
Hyundai Elantra 24
Mini Cooper 25
Toyota Corolla 29
Scion xA 30
Toyota Prius 44
Honda Insight 51
Example Vehicle Categories
Source: AAA.pdf

Small Sedan

Chevrolet Cruze

Ford Focus

Honda Civic

Nissan Sentra

Toyota Corolla

Medium Sedan

Chevrolet Impala

Ford Fusion

Honda Accord

Nissan Altima

Toyota Camry

Large Sedan

Buick Lucerne

Chrysler 300

Ford Taurus

Nissan Maxima

Toyota Avalon


Chevrolet Traverse

Ford Explorer

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Nissan Pathfinder

Toyota 4Runner


Dodge Grand Caravan

Kia Sedona

Honda Odyssey

Nissan Quest

Toyota Sienna

Select your vehical’s category.*

How many days do you work per month? *

Example Work Schedules

8 hr workday = 21 days per month
9 hr workday = 19 days per month
10 hr workday = 17 days per month
6 & 2 shift = 24 days per month
5 & 3 shift = 21 days per month
Panama = 16 days per month
Today’s fuel price (per gallon).

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